Bye for now!

It was such a gift to be able to share our amazing journeys on the road last year. I truly enjoyed writing these blogs and I’m so grateful to have this keepsake for all 5 of us!

BUT – our renewal is up on the blog and I don’t want to pay for another year so it’s time to close this chapter of our lives. All the old posts and media will remain up …but I just can’t post any new pics, the address went back to the WordPress address, and there are little ads that pop up on the site now.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and following along with us. What an amazing journey it’s been. I’m still in awe of all we got to see and do and experience together. Honestly sometimes it doesn’t even feel like it was real. We had such favor throughout the entire trip [amazing weather, timing, logistics] and we are just SO THANKFUL.

God truly uses all things for good. All the lemonade we got to enjoy after the flood continues to refresh us and it is all so worth having to accept the sour lemons.

We believe we will hit the road again someday but until then…. 🎶Happy trails to you! 🎶.

Our journey continues and we believe every day is an amazing adventure because we are walking with the Lord Jesus and HE makes life worth living!

4 thoughts on “Bye for now!

  1. Wendy L. Hemphill

    I am in awe by the person of our God. His amazing wisdom and foreknowledge of every detail in our lives is so humbling and comforting. Truly His staff and rod comfort. To think you slipped in a dream trip, sweet granny leads you back home, a home is secured and the insanity of 2020 is unleashed on us. We are safe in His hands and kids that need not fear. Hallelujah !!

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    1. You described it so perfectly and made me tear up!!!! Your prayers and encouragement means so much to us thank you. Praise the Lord and hallelujah for sure !!!! Truly amazing ! 💕🥰🙌🏻


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